Street Of The Dead

Action admin 30 Aug , 2021 0


Street Of The Dead is an interesting zombie shooting game for boys. The end of the world is coming. Most people died and became zombies. You are a soldier survivor. You and your teammates will fight with enemies and protect your base. Have fun with Street Of The Dead.Instructions given at the start of the […]


Giant’s Island

Action admin 26 Jul , 2021 0


Giant’s Island is a 3D action game with Minecraft game art animation. The captain need you to find the treasure. The Island of bad luck doesn’t give travellers any rest. But for you it’s a chance to make a lot of money. Have fun playing and finding the treasure!WASD to move, Left Mouse to fire […]


The Cursed Island

Action admin 05 Jul , 2021 0


This looks like a peaceful land, but don’t let it fool your gaze. An evil spirit cursed this place. Pirates, looters and warriors came to steal treasures and game fame, but the island is strong. Dangers, riddles and curses won. Try the island if you dare!


Mission Impossible – Save The Hostages!

Action admin 31 May , 2021 0


The Goblin bank has been attacked. Evil bank robbers have taken hostages and threatens to blow them up. Your mission, should you accept it, is to free the hostages. But be extremely careful…W A S D to walk, Spacebar to jump, Shift to run, Mouse to aim, Mouse button to fire


Slenderman Must Die: Abandoned Graveyard

Action admin 31 May , 2021 0


This time you are at the Abandoned Graveyard. Your mission is simple, hunt down and kill Slenderman. His Body is hidden inside the Creepy Church. Find it and BURN it. Take full advantages of your guns! Good luck!


Love Pig

Action admin 24 May , 2021 0


Piggy met his true love! But she lives deep in the forest. Piggy needs to go through many difficulties just for love. Help Piggy to overcome difficulties successfully. Meet his beloved Piggy Girl. And collect more gold coins. Be careful of obstruction!


Yohoho Io

Action admin 10 May , 2021 0


YoHoHo .io is a great pirate’s IO game to enjoy online and for free, of course. Control your crazy little pirate on an island full of enemies willing to be the last man standing, and collect as many coins as you can to increase your size and, most important, your weapon’s size. Have fun and […]


Sara’s Cooking Class: Mutton Biryani

Action admin 29 Mar , 2021 0


Welcome to Sara’s cooking class! In this popular course, you will transform from a novice cook to a top chef! Today we will learn to make an Indian classic Mutton Biryani. After studying, you can definitely try to cook this dish for your family! How did Sara do it? Let’s join the game and learn […]


Uber Sim Transport 2020

Action admin 27 Dec , 2019 0


The passengers are waiting, SO HURRY UP Uber simulator. This time we give you the career mode new games 2020. Youtube – DRIVE


Frozen Princess Hidden Object

Action admin 29 Nov , 2019 0


Find all cute girly fashion accessories hidden in the castle where the ice princess lives: makeup items, bows and ribbons, bags and shoes, everything our princess needs in order to get dressed for the winter party is lost inside the magical castle! So, be a good friend and help her search and find hidden objects […]

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